Rotary Charities Announces Changes to Grants

On July 27, 2011 the Rotary Charities Board made several changes to the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) and Planning grants. The OCA process is required prior to applying for a multiple year organizational capacity building grant. Based on the history of organizational capacity building grants over the past five years, only 35% of OCA grantees receive multiple year funding.

With many requests and limited resources, the Rotary Charities Board is committed to maximizing the outcomes of the OCA process. To that end, the Board approved an additional $3,000 to its OCA planning grants. Successful applicants will now receive up to $8,000 for organizational capacity assessment planning grants to be allocated in the following manner:

• The first $3,000 will be directed by Rotary Charities to NorthSky Nonprofit Network to complete board governance training and the OCA (Phase 1).
• The remaining $5,000 will be combined with the organization’s $1,250 cash match to begin implementing the recommended actions from the OCA process (Phase 2).

Planning grant applications are accepted at all times and can be applied for online at