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NorthSky’s customized consulting services strengthen nonprofits. Our carefully vetted and experienced team of consultants has the proven expertise to guide a wide range of projects including comprehensive strategic planning, business plan development, organizational assessments, community need assessments, financial analysis and feasibility studies.  Every consultant in our network has access to our best tools, templates and the knowledge base of the rest of the group.

 When you are ready to start your project, we will provide a scope of work which serves as a proposal and details the project deliverables, consultant or team, timeline, goals and pricing. We will subcontract with a consultant from our network and handle billing and consultant payment on your behalf. We will evaluate their work and ensure you are satisfied with the final project.

Want to know more? Contact NorthSky Program Director, Becky Ewing, at (231) 929-3934 or email us below. 

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