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Systems Practice Course

Systems Practice: An Approach to move from Impossible to Impact (a virtual course by +Acumen & The Omidyar Group)


Cost: FREE
Registration: Sign up for free consultant support by September 20th by emailing
Starts: October 9, 2018
Duration: 11 weeks
Commitment: Up to 5 hours/week

-Teams of 3 - 5+ with an optional Rotary Charities-sponsored consultant to help facilitate
-7 online course modules with individual readings, short videos and team homework
-Regular team meetingsto discuss and complete homework (set by your team)  
-Certificate of completion from +Acumen & The Omidyar Group
-A local showcase to share what we've learned 

Do you work to eliminate one of our community’s most complex problems – like poverty, homelessness, addiction, climate change? Do you feel like we are good at easing today’s symptoms, but the overall problem never gets any better?

We've seen 13 teams from our region bring fresh vision to complex issues contributing to our hunger, addiction, homelessness and more. They completed a world-wide online course that lays out a clear path to frame these issues in a new way, by illuminating and investigating all of the contributing factors - both expected and unexpected. The approach is called systems practice. Teams work together to see complex systems in a new way, find patterns, and identify places in the system where small changes might make lasting change.    

Register for free consultant support sponsored by Rotary Charities by September 20th to Freya Bradford.

(231) 941-4010 ext. 209