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Habits of Adaptive Leaders: 3-part series

Dates: Nov 1st, Nov 29th, Dec 14th
Time: 12-1:30pm; bring your lunch!
Location: Varies

As we learn from local leaders about the complex challenges you're facing, we are seeing a need for new ways of working. You're invited to join us for a free series as we explore Adaptive Leadership, a set of habits that creative, responsive leaders across the country are buzzing about.

Led by Certified Executive Coach Lucille Chrisman, we will experiment with new tools in each session that can be implemented right away. Join us today and increase your effectiveness in the workplace tomorrow! All sessions are free and will be held in the Rotary Charities conference room.

Watch this short video on Adaptive Leadership:

Nov. 1st: Flexing your leadership style
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Always mindful of the situation at hand, Adaptive Leaders tap into their diverse toolkit of leadership approaches to respond appropriately. They are flexible and aware of their team's unique needs, allowing them to employ a spectrum of methods to mobilize others. Come experiment with us as we explore a range of leadership styles from directive to adaptive, and when to put them into practice.

Nov. 29th: Giving & seeking direct feedback
Location: University Center Room 7, NMC
(2200 Dendrinos Dr)
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Adaptive leaders provide and seek direct feedback. They create safe boundaries by letting others know where they are and what they need to do, helping their teams work efficiently and effectively. They grow by inviting honest feedback from others, increasing their flexibility to meet complex demands. Come experiment with us as we learn new ways to give and seek feedback in the workplace.

Dec. 14th: Emotional agility
Location: Chamber of Commerce building, Conference room
(202 E Grandview Pkwy)
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Adaptive leaders bring their full selves to work, balancing their thoughts and feelings with productive action. They recognize the impact their emotions have on others and invite their team to notice how their thoughts and behaviors create workplace culture. Learn to recognize, accept, navigate and leverage your emotions toward making productive choices.

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