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Systems Practice Showcase

Registration is required for this free event at Hotel Indigo. Reserve your spot here.

Four local teams are fresh from a 10 week deep-dive into the community issue they care most about, working together to uncover the roots holding complex problems in place. Join us for an interactive showcase of their work, science fair style! Whether you're curious about a new way to approach complex issues, or you have been working systemically and want to deepen your practice, we are planning something for everyone. If you are working with a team that is considering applying for a Rotary Charities Systems Change Accelerator grants, you won't want to miss this. 

Teams that will be showcased have been exploring:

·        Waste Stream System: Realizing the Highest and Best Use of All Materials.

·        Civil discourse

·        Enabling better collaboration

·        Creating a low-carbon energy system that benefits all

What is Systems Practice?
Some problems persist despite our best efforts to solve them. These are wicked problems like homelessness, poverty, climate change, obesity, and food security. With complex problems like these, our traditional ways of seeing and solving problems don't work and can even unintentionally make problems worse. Rotary Charities is adapting our approach to inspire and support work aimed at the roots of complex problems. With Rotary Charities technical support, 17 local teams of peers have taken an online course through the Omidyar Group and +Acumen, Systems Practice: An Approach to Move from Impossible to Impact. They have learned to:

·        See complex systems in a new way;

·        Find patterns;

·        Identify places where a small change can have a big system impact; and

·        Design experiments that will move toward a healthier state of the system.