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Our Community Listens

Dates: September 25-27th, 8am-5pm
Cost: FREE
Location: Hotel Indigo
Meet the facilitators & read about the approach in this document.
Application Deadline: Applications accepted on a first-come, first served basis. The February workshop filled up in under a week.


Healthy communication is at the foundation of all successful collaboration. Rotary Charities is hosting Our Community Listens, a three-day course for changemakers to explore your communication style and step into complex conversations, in the name of doing good work together.

What if you could improve every single one of your relationships—personal or professional—by discovering more about yourself and how you interact with others? Through this deeply personal exploration of how you listen, relate, discern and communicate, you’ll:

  • Explore how the Communication Cycle forms the foundation of all of your interpersonal communication;

  • Improve your ability to attentively listen and see how it can be the most important thing a person can do for another;

  • Appreciate the impact your non-verbal behavior has on your verbal communication;

  • Develop a more effective way to have difficult conversations;

  • Feel empowered to strengthen and facilitate healing in broken relationships;

  • See and celebrate the good in others; see and celebrate the good in yourself.

This is no ordinary training! After three days of powerful classroom instruction, experiential activity, and group discussion, you’ll be equipped with the tools to have deeper, more meaningful relationships and inspired by the course’s ability to bring about a more compassionate world.